Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 hours in

I'm about 8 hours into being a parent of 2, and here are some quick thoughts:
  • The experiencing of seeing a child - my child - born was not any less exciting the second time around
  • I have great respect for how well Sharon handles both pregnancy and child birth
  • So far the swaddle and jiggle skills have dusted off ok.
  • Choosing a name is a big responsibility. I feel good about Van Armstrong.
  • You are not the first to think of "mini-Van"
  • When Ainslie was born, we told the majority of people over email first. With Van, most of our friends heard over twitter or facebook.
  • I don't know anyone short enough to sleep comfortably on the hospital cot.
  • Our nurses have been great. That makes a huge difference.
  • Ainslie meets Van for the first time tomorrow. This will be very interesting an only child like myself to watch.

More later

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