Friday, April 24, 2009

The Bubble

Today (probably in about 4 hours) we head home from the hospital. Overall this is a very good thing. Life in a 200 sq ft studio apartment has it's drawbacks. But also represents an exit from "The Bubble" and a re-entry into the real world.

I remember a similar feeling after Ainslie was born. My life - like most people - is a massive mix of competing priorities. There is a reason that there is an entire industry built around helping people manage their time - it's not easy. When I'm doing things well, I spend more than half my time on a given day on things that are really important to me. On other days, it's far less than that. I spend a decent amount of time an energy just trying to make sure that my focus is in the right place.

The problem of trying to figure out where to focus does not exist for me when I'm in the hospital after the birth of a child, and there is something very unique and rewarding about that. At one level it's not great to be in a cramped room waking up every few hours - but the flip side is that for every moment we've been here I've had absolutely no doubt that I"m focusing on the right thing. That's a feeling worth appreciating before leaving the bubble and re-entering the real world.

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