Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Friendly Dentist

When I was little, I distinctly remember going the the dentist. The best part by a mile was the part where my Mom and I would stop by the Mug -n-Cone on the way home for a soft-serve chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone. Otherwise, it was a fairly miserable experience. I guess in the small town of Water Valley, Mississippi there were only a couple of dentist and probably no dentist that just liked to hang out with kids. Just an old dentist with a cold, sterile office who I'm sure to this day forgot to give me numbing medicine at least a couple of times before filling my teeth with ugly silver fillings. OK, maybe I'm still a little bitter.

I took Ainslie to her first dentist appointment last week. The whole office specializes in children. You can tell by the huge stuffed animals and toys in the waiting room. The dentist came out to the waiting room to "warm" Ainslie up for the trip inside. Once seated, the hygienist gave her a stuffed dragon with teeth to brush, a "Hello Kitty" mirror and sang songs while she showed Ainslie how to brush her teeth. Ainslie even got to hold "Mr. Thirsty" while the hygienist polished her teeth. Both dentist in the office came by multiple times making a big deal out of her. And of course, she got to pick out a couple of toys to take home. Everyone was so warm and friendly.

Except for the instructions not to eat or drink after the cleaning, I wish I could have taken Ainslie to get ice cream after her appointment. I guess I'll save that memory for me and my Mom. We'll have to think of something else for the two of us.

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